Stocking up before the baby arrives

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Having a baby is an expensive life event, however the cost can be cut in half by stocking up on specific items before your baby arrives. Below is a list of items I purchased before my sweet baby girl came into this world.

The Essentials

After having a baby, neither you or your partner are going to want to run to the store. Stocking up on the essentials is a huge stress reliever when it comes to postpartum days.

Toilet paper:

I bought this huge pack of toilet paper from Amazon and I still have a few rolls left 6 months later. It isn’t the softest or nicest brand but it gets the job done and for the first month or so I used a peri bottle for most of my bathroom trips anyways.

Maxi pads:

When I was told that I would bleed a lot after delivering my baby, I had no idea how much I would actually bleed. I thought one large pack of maxi pads would cover it, however I went through at least 3 packs. You want to make sure to get the ones with the wings.

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash:

I bought three bottles of each and was so relieved to not have to buy them once the baby came. I would buy one extra when I went for groceries so I wasn’t buying them all at once.

Toothpaste and deodorant:

Nothing is worse than being the stinky person. Self care is important in your postpartum days and can be hard to fit in your day, however having the right equipment makes the task easier. I purchased two things of toothpaste and one thing of deodorant. I was very surprised at how much I sweated after bringing our baby home. I would wake up almost in a nasty puddle and would continue to sweat throughout the day. I have heard that Mitchum works best for postpartum sweats.

Baby Items


Not having to buy diapers after the baby arrived was one of the nicest perks of stocking up. For a list of how many diapers I purchased click here.

Diaper rash cream:

I would buy one tube each time I got groceries until I had enough. I purchased about 4 tubes total. One for the nursery, one for the living room, one for the diaper bag and one extra.


I purchased two large boxes of wipes and have yet to run out. I would say 4 boxes would last a whole year if you want to stock for that long.


You might get some of these at the baby shower, and you don’t want to stock up too much as you don’t know what your baby will respond well to. However, it is nice to have some gripe water, gas drops, and Tylenol around.

Baby shampoo and lotion:

One large thing of baby shampoo and lotion will last a long time. Samples are also often given to you at the hospital and you never know how baby will react to these products so you don’t want too much stocked up.


Freezer meals:

Freezer meals are very helpful because cooking is one of the last things you or anyone else want to do when there is a sweet baby to hold. Purchasing some freezer meals from the store is convenient, however can become very expensive. I made freezer meals a month ahead of my due date so I knew I would be prepared. Here is a great blog post from   It’s very easy to follow and even has a groceries list already made. I highly recommend making burritos as they are easy and can be single serve.

*note: When making freezer meals with pastas, slightly under cook the pasta as it becomes soggy when reheated.

Peanut butter, canned items, mac and cheese, and lots of snacks:

Once you come home from the hospital, you will likely be very hungry. Especially if you plan to breastfeed. You will need to keep nourished which can be hard when taking care of a little one. It’s nice to have easy items such as granola bars as well as quick meals such as Mac and cheese.

Paper plates, bowls, napkins and utensils.

Between bottles and pump parts, dishes were something I dreaded doing. Having paper options instead was extremely helpful for not getting overwhelmed.



Your going to want a pack of comfortable underwear that you don’t care about ruining. Boy shorts are a good option as they are comfortable, cute and have a large enough area to secure a maxi pad.

Nursing tops and comfortable pants.

I bought tank tops instead of actual nursing tops as they are easy to pull down to nurse and are very comfortable. Also, they match with pretty much anything and you can throw something nicer over the top of you need to go out. Sweat pants were my preference for about three months. Purchase some that you know you will enjoy.

Nursing bras:

If you plan to nurse, these are essential. I bought two regular nursing bras and one hands free pumping bra. They can get pretty soiled with milk so having at least two helps with the laundry situation.

Nursing pads:

I bought entirely too many of these as I did not leak very much. However a box is nice to have around especially in the beginning when your body is adjusting to how much milk needs to be produced. You can also get free samples at many locations such as target or buy reusable ones such as these however I have never tried them.

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  1. Such a great idea. This is especially important if you have another child. The last thing you want to do is run to the store with a newborn and toddler. Thanks for sharing!

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