Stocking up on Diapers. A Breakdown of Exactly How Many Diapers Baby will go Through in Their First Year

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Stocking up on Diapers. A Breakdown of Exactly How Many Diapers Baby will go Through in Their First Year

Buying diapers is one of the larger costs of having a baby. Luckily, stores such as Sams Club and Amazon make it easy and more affordable to buy in bulk and stock up. Below is a breakdown of how many diapers my 7 lb 12 oz baby girl has gone through so far and how many I stocked up on.

Before stocking up on too many diapers, I waited for the baby shower to see how many of each size would be given as gifts. After the baby shower I compared prices on Amazon and signed up for their free trial of Amazon prime family( Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial). This gives you an additional 20 % off and free two-day shipping. On top of that, I opened a registry (Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry ) with them, made an Amazon purchase and received a free baby box full of all kinds of goodies. Sam’s club is however my favorite place to purchase diapers as they are affordable and great quality. They have the elastic band on the back to hold in blow outs and the yellow line that indicates wetness. Another great affordable brand is Parents Choice. My least favorite brands are Luvs (no elastic on the back or yellow line plus strong scent) and Pampers( no elastic on the back and less affordable)

Okay down to the nitty-gritty.

  • 200 nb
  • 146 #1
  • 570 #2
  • 684 #3

*keep all receipts just in case you are left with extra or your baby has a reaction to one of the brands.

I hope this information can help you prepare for your little bundle of joy. If you want to read a full list of items to stock up on click here.


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