Amazon Offers Work From Home Positions.

I recently returned to work full-time from maternity leave. Nothing could prepare me enough for the immense amount of pain returning to work and leaving my baby all day would cause. I found myself frantically searching for ways to work from home, until I came across a 9 news article about Amazons recent decision to hire customer service technicians who can work right from the comfort of their homes.


An offer that seems too good to be true.

That was just my thought, until I looked into the details. I tried searching for the job listing. I found a lot of job search engines looking for you to put  your email and other information in. This was discouraging as they do not provide as much information as I wanted. I found a frequently asked questions article from Amazon their selves explaining how to apply for a job with Amazon. This led me to their Amazon Jobs page where I quickly discovered that the news article was true.


Details of the job.

 There are two job opportunities that I came across in my research. One of which is a seasonal day option. This job listing even offers the opportunity of benefits given that you work the required amount of hours per week. The other job opportunity is the nights and weekends listing. This position is the option that best fits my schedule as I would not have uninterrupted time during the day ( I can’t even go to the bathroom alone during the day #momlife). They are both customer service positions answering phone calls and chat messages from customers who have questions or need help.

I for one have already submitted my application and I’m sure a lot of other people wanting to work from home have as well.

If you are interested in more details, simply click the link above and search for “work from home jobs”.

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